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The Plans

Sharon Madigan - Month Eight Plan

The runs are longer and there are more off them. The focus now will be the consistency of carbohydrate intakes during these runs along with fluid intake.


You can’t be half hearted in your approach to what you’re doing as you’ll pay the price in terms of how tough they feel and how much they can take out of you in subsequent days. 


All runs now need to be used to practice fuel intake. Even the shorter ones. This idea of “sure it’s only a short one, won’t take much out of me” is really one you want to avoid. You see these runs as practice and prep for the longer sessions. 


Try and aim for 1g CHO per kg of body weight

So if your 70kg and out for 2hrs then the aim will be 140g CHO. Again taking it early and frequently through the run is crucial.


Fuel every 5k and use fluid opportunities to combine both liquids and carb intakes.


So what does that look like


1 gel could be anywhere from 25-40g

Spirts drink 500mls is approx 35g

100g jelly sweets is about 90g CHO

A banana is about 30-40g


Use a mixture but you need to practice to get used to running and eating and to train your gut to get used to increasing volumes of carbs coming in, especially when you are going for longer durations. 


Fluid needs to be a pit 150-200mls every 15-20mins. The warmer it is the more you will need. Water, sports drinks and electrolytes will be important and it’s crucial it’s not just water.


There is an increase in carbohydrates and we just need to be careful with dental health. Frequency of brushing and flossing important. Water and sugar free gum can help protect your teeth.

Download the template below:

Download the plans here

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