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Niall Breslin believes in the innate human capacity to heal, recover and transform. As a life transformation expert, he has devoted his life to helping people reach their true unlimited potential.

Niall Breslin is a seeker and speaker of truth. He is a thought leader, speaker, bestselling author, podcast host, composer & athlete. His currency is change & his mission is to help drive that change, both at an individual, collective & societal level.


Inspirational keynotes that empower humans in a world that moves at an unsustainable pace.


Anchored in a fusion of neuroscience, psychology, and mindfulness...

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Niall is an incredibly engaging and expert speaker who shares his own experience of

dealing with anxiety and depression which is deeply human and which facilitates a

deep connection with his audience.


Niall spoke to Twitter following the launch of his book, "Me and my Mate Jeffery" with an

honesty and openness that was appreciated by people who heard him and which opened a path for conversations about a subject that is often avoided. We continue to see that same honesty, drive, expertise and determination in his work with

"A Lust for Life”, a remarkable achievement.

Sinead McSweeney VP, Global Public Policy


PwC is delighted to work with Niall Breslin. The feedback we get from our graduates and undergraduates following Niall’s sessions is brilliant and it is always called out as one of their favourite parts of a programme. Niall is really engaging and always happy to take any questions posed.


Niall came in to deliver a talk to our team on guarding your mental health and well-being as a creative person. The talk was equal parts informative and inspiring. He built an incredible rapport with the audience and from the discussions afterwards, it was clear that lots of the team could see the practical application to their work and their lives. I would have no hesitation in recommending Niall as a speaker and hope to work with him again in the future.


Leo Moore, Head of

Creative Shop, Facebook