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Ironmind - Niall Breslin Gives His Account Of The Ironman Competion

I remember very clearly the very moment I made the decision to fully commit to the Ironman. I had been flirting with it for a few years, but never quite had the nerve to ask it out on a date. 

By Niall Breslin 

The Commodification of calm in a Cauldron of Chaos 

Four of five years ago, the beverage market was flooded with high caffeine energy drinks that claimed to allow its consumers keep up with the fast past demands of a dynamic modern world. That world has seemed to gather such a pace...


By Niall Breslin 

"I need to recognise the Donald Trump in me"

I'm currently in my second year of my Masters in Mindfulness-Based Interventions, and some of my deepest learning has come through the group discussions between peers and teachers during class.



By Niall Breslin 

Politicians must earn trust if the youth majority are ever going to engage with the system.

Sitting on my flight home of Brussels after addressing the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani on behalf of A Lust for Life, I had...


By Niall Breslin 

It's the Economy, Stupid

We can't let economics be the sole driver and measure of success for your society. 

Until humanity becomes the headliner on the main stage, we will continue to see mental health pushed further down the pecking order.

The now infamous phrase, It's the Economy, Stupid, coined by....



By Niall Breslin 

Political snakes and ladders approach to mental health must end

Once again we find ourselves in a place where due to change of leadership in our governing party Fine Gael, there is the inevitable yet totally destabilising cabinet reshuffle. The demotions and promotions made for some interesting reading and was a...


By Niall Breslin 



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