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Fuckin' Ragin

In our ever increasingly dynamic and progressive society and culture, we have never before had such copious levels of access to information. Each week 'Fucking Raggggggging' picks out the latest outrage outbreak from the annals of madness that is the internet . We will explore the rage reaction and gauge whether the action warrants this rage reaction. We will also delve into whether all this outrage is progressing, repressing or regressing society at a time when we've never appeared to be more fragmented, ironically at a time when we've never been more connected. We will also look into how all this is affected our individual and collective hearts and minds. And hopefully we can bring some context and critical thinking to a culture that seems to be getting high from ignoring such crucial aspects of communication. And a media that seems to be feeding this addiction in their relentless war for our attention. (IF THERE ARE ANY SPELLING MISTAKES OR GRAMMAR ISSUES PLEASE DON'T BE TOO OFFENDED)

Episode 01

Episode 02

Episode 03

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