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The Magic Moment


The Magic Moment is a picture book that helps children explore difficult emotions and face their fears. Written by Niall Breslin (Bressie) and illustrated by Sheena Dempsey, here young readers will meet Freddie. Freddie is excited about his first trip to the swimming pool. But when he gets there, he finds it scary. So scary in fact, that he just wants to go home.. Later that evening, Nana teaches him a secret trick. It's called the Magic Moment Trick and it gives you superpowers when you're facing something scary. You simply close your eyes and think of your happiest memory and squeeze your finger and thumb together. The charming story, containing an easy mindfulness technique, helps children return to the present moment. The Magic Moment is a must for parents or anyone working with children who wants to help them feel the fear and jump in anyway. 

Take Five


Following the success of his first picture book, The Magic Moment, musician and mindfulness expert Niall Breslin (Bressie) is back with another important life lesson for young children, beautifully brought to life by illustrator Sheena Dempsey. When Freddie sees all the presents his friend Ben gets for his birthday, he feels a bit sad … Nana teaches Freddie how to be thankful for everything he has – together they count all the wonderful things in their lives. This gratitude trick is a helpful technique for dealing with the uncomfortable and often confusing feelings of jealousy that children inevitably encounter.


‘The sort of book that could be genuinely helpful to an anxious child’


‘Teaches children a really simple and effective mindfulness technique for managing big feelings’


‘A book with an important message’


Me and My Mate Jeffrey


In his number one bestselling and award winning book, Niall Breslin speaks openly about living with depression and anxiety, and his crippling journey to finally acknowledging 'Jeffrey' - the name he chose for it - years after he took the decision to conceal his growing mental health issues from the world, at age 15. Told with raw honesty, it is a story of the demons that lay beneath outward success, and how they impacted on his career in sports and later music, as he coped with a condition that at times seemed hell bent on wrecking everything in its wake. It is also the story of a road to reconciliation with brokenness - beginning after a massive panic attack before a live TV appearance in 2012 - leading to brighter horizons. Me and My Mate Jeffrey is an essential book for anyone who knows what it is to feel alone, and who doesn't know how to ask for help - or anyone who wants to better understand and have the language to describe that journey.

'Me and My Mate Jeffrey isn't an easy read, but it's not meant to be. It is the story of an unusual life, told with an affable and honest delivery by a spirited and resilient narrator'



'[Breslin] tells his story with a searing, compelling honesty ... told with flashes of deadpan humour'



'A brave and important book from one of the best media figures we have'



'A courageous and illuminating contribution to the ongoing discussion about mental health in Ireland' 


The Little Book of Sound


The Little Book of Sound is a pocket guide designed to share ideas on how to use ‘being sound’ to help our minds and our society – and a little on the science that supports that! All proceeds from the sale of The Little Book of Sound go directly into funding the ongoing work of A Lust for Life.

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